Sahiwal is one of the established milch cattle breeds of tropical regions due to its tick resistance, heat tolerance and disease free (A2 type) milk production. Easy calving, better reproductive efficiency and economic sustainability are its additional qualities. This breed is now world animal genetic resource and found in many of the tropical countries. 

Sahiwals are among the largest zebu cattle, with a mature weight from 500-900 and 360-400 kg in male and female respectively. The coat colour is usually reddish dun or sorrel, but brown is also common. The color darkens towards the extremities especially in males. The cows have large, sometimes pendulous udders with big teats. The bulls have a large hump, which often leans to one side, and a pendulous sheath. The dewlap is also large. Sahiwal has well developed thoracic hump and long drooping ears. The horns are small and commonly loose in the female. Sahiwal bulls have a reputation of being lethargic when used for draught, but they are quite suitable for heavy and slow work.

According to Punjab Livestock Census 2006, 2.75 million head of Sahiwal cattle are available in the province. The purebred population is decreasing over the years due to crossbreeding and change in agriculture system. In the past, genetic trend remained static because of high rate of inbreeding in recorded herds. Due to its utmost importance and unique characteristics, it needs conservation as a pure breed. The best way to conserve Sahiwal breed is to keep it commercially viable under existing circumstances. Traits of commercial value such as milk yield need genetic improvement. Increase in the milk and meat production by improving its production potential will not only enhance the socio-economic conditions of our farming community but it will also go a long way in bridging the gap of supply and demand of animal protein in the country. Realizing its importance the Government of Punjab launched a Conservation programme in the well populated breed districts with Head Quarter at Jhang during 2003-04.


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