• Maintenance of nucleus herd of superior germ plasm of Sahiwal cattle.

  • Registration and documentation of institutional and private Sahiwal cattle farms/herds.

  • Performance recording for genetic evaluation and herd management.

  • Identification of superior germ plasm.

  • Publishing and dissemination of sire/cow summaries.

  • Conducting research on conservation and genetics.

  • Collaboration with national and international institutions involved in breed development programs.

 Dairy Cattle Breeding Policy Objectives

  • Improvement in milk production of dairy cattle breeds (Sahiwal and Cholistani) through selection

  • Improvement in Reproductive of cattle through reduction in age at first calving and calving interval

  • Grading up of non descript cows under subsistence production systems with Sahiwal, cholistani and Dhanni in their respective home-tracts

  • Maintaining the desired exotic level of exotic inheritance (between 50-75 %) in dairy crossbred cattle for their optimum performance

  • Availability of good quality indigenous animals for draught and beef purpose

  • Regulation of breeding services including private initiatives

  • Conservation and development of recognized cattle breeds such as Rojhan, Dajal, Lohani, Kankraj and Tharparkar through inter-provincial initiatives.

Incentives to Sahiwal Breeders


  Insemination of Sahiwal cows.

  Vaccination to all animals.

  De-worming of Sahiwal calves.

  Purchase of bull calves at premium price.

  Prizes for winners in milk and breed beauty competitions.

  Special Reward to high yielder Sahiwal cows yielding >18 kgs of milk in 24hrs.

  Free Distribution/Exchange of Sahiwal bulls where  A.I. Is not possible.









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