Sahiwal Breed Characteristics


Medium sized breed, body is fleshy and wedge shaped with soft loose skin. Breed color is light red to deep red. Muzzle, eye lids and tail switch are black.Head short and feminine, drooping ears, small and thick horns in females, head is broad in males with stumpy horns and small eyes like elephants. Neck is short and small with soft loose dewlap and prominent umbilicus in females and thick, short neck with very loose voluminous dewlap and sheath, broad chest in males. Hump in male is massive and in female it is normal.
Udders large and strong with prominent milk veins. Fore-udder is full, extending well forward towards the navel, rear udder is well rounded and ascended well up behind. The teats are of good and uniform length and size and are placed wide apart indicating the size of the quarters


Sahiwal Cow

Heifer 63/3.4

Sahiwal Bull

Young Bull





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