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Sr. No.InstitutionsActivities/Studies
1Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), IslamabadDevelopment of milk recording and genetic evaluation models in Sahiwal Cattle
2Department of Animal Breeding & Genetics, University of Agriculture, FaisalabadInter herd performance and genetic evaluation of Sahiwal cattle in Pakistan.
3Department of Animal Breeding & Genetics, University of Agriculture, FaisalabadConfirmation of type traits in Sahiwal Cattle
4Department of Veterinary Parasitological, University of Agriculture, FaisalabadParasitological studies in Sahiwal Cattle
5Department of Animal Reproduction, University of Agriculture, FaisalabadEmbryo Transfer Trials
6National Institute of Bio-Technology and Genetic Engineering, FaisalabadProduction of Fibrolytic enzymes form Humicola insolens and their applications in animal feed.
7Research Institute for Physiology and Animal Reproduction (RIPAR) , PattokyEmbryo Transfer Trials
8Remount Veterinary and Farms Cor. (RVFC), OkaraEmbryo Transfer Trials
9Directorate of Breed Improvement, SPU, Q/Abad, Directorate  of Livestock Farms, Livestock Production Research Institute, Bahadur Nagar, Okara.Progeny Testing Programme
10Livestock Production Research Insititute (LPRI) B/Nagar, Okara.Teaser making
11Director Livestock Farms (DLF), LPRI, B/NagarEvaluation of Sahiwal herds
12Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Bahaudin Zikria University, MultanLES is serving as demonstration unit and  collaborating in post graduate research
13Faculty of Animal Production & Technology, UVAS, LahoreFeeding Management of optimum Growth, early Maturity in 1st lactation performance in Sahiwal Cattle
14University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore.Embryo Transfer Trials
15Faculty of Animal Production  & Technology, UVAS, LahorePost veining Feeding Management Practice for Growth performance in Sahiwal Male Calves
16Faculty of Animal Production  & Technology, UVAS, LahoreStudies on characterization of Sahiwal Breed
17Livestock Dairy Development Board, IslamabadStrengthening of Progeny Testing Programme under Research Centre for Conservation of Sahiwal Cattle (RCCSC), Jhang.